Revue of Sony Set top Box?

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by gossipninja, Nov 26, 2011.

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    I bought a revue the day they went $99 and initially was pleased as punch . I have noticed more and more issues with files not playing and with the delay on honeycomb and logitech announcing it is abandoning the platform.
    Couple all of this with the Sony box being $180 on Black Friday, and I bought one that I haven't opened.
    I like that the sony has a bluray player as I do not have one yet.
    I like the logitech keyboard better than the sony.

    Couple of questions:
    Can you stream Blu Ray thru DLNA (blu ray disk in a networked computer streamed to the revue)?
    Is there any knowledge of Optical disk drivers (for usb powered bluray / dvd drives) coming to GTV?
    Will the logitech revue webcam I bought for $75 ever be worth a damn?

    Based on that info, and recommendations, I am trying to debate if I should return the Sony, Or sell the revue and keep the sony.

    Note: I am planning on being a sony GTV TV. They are cheap and LED backlit and in the bedroom, not needing a set top box is ideal.
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    No, there's actually copy protection mechanisms in the Blu-Ray media to prevent you from doing anything remotely like that. You'd have to create a "backup" in order to stream the movies.

    That is dependent on the manufacturer. The Sony Google TV Blu-Ray (NSZ-GT1) obviously has drivers specific to the Blu-Ray drive inside. However, neither Logitech nor Sony has included drivers for random devices. They seem to only include drivers for specific support, e.g., Sony's Blu-Ray drive or Logitech's TV Cam.

    Hell yes! More so, if you get include your friends and family members to use the Logitech ViD video conferencing program. The Logitech Revue's teleconferencing platform is still the least expensive on the market. Period. The other platforms start at about $300 and that doesn't even include HD streaming.

    There's no reason to not keep both. You can actually purchase a Unify receiver for about $10. That way you can use the Logitech Revue Keyboard (K700) with Sony Google TV device if that's what you prefer. I wrote up instructions here: http://www.googletvforum.org/forum/...ech-revue-keyboard-sony-google-tv-device.html

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