Revue interfereing with DirecTV remote?

Discussion in 'Google TV Help' started by wyt, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Just got DirecTV and while the tech was testing the set-up, we noticed a weird thing--no matter what button we press on the DirecTV remote, the mute function on my TV gets toggled. Sometimes it just toggles the volume (i.e. mute and unmute), sometimes it also performs the presumed function of the remote in addition toggling the volume. Now the DirecTV remote was programmed to control the TV functions also (A samsung flat screen). At first I thought it was interference of the DirecTV remote with other remotes I have--I also have a remote for Tivo which is also programmed to control the TV. However the Tivo remote also exhibits same the problem after the DirecTV box (an HD DVR) was installed, i.e. toggling the mute function when any of the buttons is pressed. We finally did a process of elimination and gradually turned off the devices I have one by one--when finally when I turned off the Revue, the interference is gone, and all my remotes are back to normal. Any others experienced the same problem? What's puzzling was that the Revue did not interfere with my Tivo remote before, so it has something to do with the newly introduced DirecTV remote too.

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