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    Sony Internet TV with Google TV Review Part 1

    by Admin on January 12, 2011

    This is part 1 of a 20 minute review. Part 2 is linked as a response to this video.

    Part 1 includes:
    - still shots of device and remote
    - regular device startup
    - quick device startup
    - device shut down
    - overview of main navigation
    - web page navigation
    - Hulu blockade
    - Netflix app

    Part 2 includes:
    - Pandora app
    - quick search using the magnifying glass button
    - quick search for video
    - quick search for music
    - YouTube leanback
    - play a DVD
    - play video and music on USB flash drive
    - my final commentary

    Note: I do not have cable TV, satellite (e.g., Dish network), or a DVR. I only use Google TV for online content, physical discs, and local media files.

    I made this review about 24 hours after receiving the Google TV set top box. The Sony model number is NSZ-GT1. The review is long (20 mins) because I go through each of the operations that were important to me. I shot video of my TV while using the Sony Internet TV. There are also a few still shots of the device and remote. Hopefully this overview will help you make a purchase decision. I complete love this Sony device and the Google TV application / OS. I paid for the device with my own money.

    The reason I leaned toward the Sony ($399) rather than the Logitech Revue ($299) is for a couple reasons: (a) I don't have a blu-ray player, so for $100 I get a blu-ray player, (b) I wanted a small remote, not a keyboard (the Logitech comes with a small keyboard, and you pay $129 for a small remote), (c) I've had great past experiences with Sony products.

    My final thought: I found setup very easy. I read only the quick setup guide. The Sony hardware has worked flawlessly, even when connected to my 4-year old TV and amplifier. The remote has been dropped twice on tile and still works perfect. I figured out the remote quickly, as did my wife. We can easily surf the web, watch videos, listen to music from the couch. Display quality and UI characteristics on our 42" Vizio LCD looks great. Audio, connected via optical I/O cord to a Pioneer VSX-D912, sounds great. Remote control of the Sony device, the Vizio, and the Pioneer all work great from the single remote.

    Current issues:
    - The Android app to use as a remote seems to not be available yet. I found an app in the Android market called BD Remote by Sony, but I don't think that's intended for the Sony Internet TV device.
    - Hulu support is not yet available. Watch the review for more about this.
    - Netflix app seems a bit crippled. I can only watch a few of my instant queue flicks. I cannot search for more flicks and do other adhoc Netflix operations. Maybe it will improve with updates.
    - I cannot figure out how to properly/safely eject or unmount USB devices plugged into the Sony box.
    - The intial Sony TV setup involved a few steps that took about 6 minutes. At the end of setup, the box required a large update, which resulted in the loss of all my configuration. Should update first, then configure.

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    App for android is available for the Sony it is called "Google TV Remote", been using it for awhile.

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