Remote not working with Slingplayer slinging Tivo Series 3

Discussion in 'Sony's NSZ-GS8 / NSZ-GS7' started by Chesterton, Aug 30, 2013.

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    Aug 30, 2013
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    My NSZ-GS7 remote's back side (with the keyboard) is being ignored when I use it with Slingplayer to control a Tivo Series 3. The front keys work fine, and the back keys work fine when I'm controlling other devices connected to my Slingbox Solo.

    When I use Slingplayer on my PC, iPhone, or Google Nexus 10 table, it has no issues controlling the Tivo - all the keys work as expected.

    Has anyone succeeded in getting the keyboard side of the NSZ-GS7 remote to work with Slingplayer to control a Tivo?

    Many thanks.

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