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    I've got my fingers crossed for the Co-Star . . . the last fix that resolved the AC3 issue and enabled DTS passthrough was a great step in the right direction. I now have the Co-Star in line with my Boxee Box and it makes a great supplement, but I have a pretty big problem.

    I have read threads where people are having various remote problems with it repeating IR commands, requesting a receiver or STB power button (I second that), or many other issues.

    My issue is that I have a Sony KDF60WF655 TV and a Pioneer VSX 1019-AH Receiver which I cannot for the life of me control with the Vizio. The Sony is in the database, but it just doesn't work. No volume, no power, nothing. The Pioneer isn't even in the database (come on, it's not that old!!) and the manual or code based alternatives don't work at all either. Edit: My Logitech Revue controlled both of these with no issues.

    Anyone else having the same issues? I have done a factory reset, re-paired the remote, and tried many different model numbers in the database with no luck.


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