Recent problems with Slingplayer app on Co-Star

Discussion in 'Vizio Co-Star' started by tazlaw, Dec 17, 2012.

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    I use Co-Star at a second residence with the Slingplayer app instead of a second satellite TV account. For the most part it has worked pretty well, when the internet service at the remote home is working well. However, this last weekend the Slingplayer app connection to my Slingbox was gapping and stuttering persistently, When I checked the signal quality through the app, it wouldn't go above a 500Kb connection, even though my internet download speed was 9.5Mb or higher the whole time. To validate that my home's upload connection (where the Slingbox Pro-HD resides) wasn't the issue, I connected to my Slingbox via my laptop and received a consistent HD signal from the Slingbox with no video stuttering or gapping. So, the laptop and the Co-Star were on the same network connection, both via a wired ethernet connection, and were connecting to the same Slingbox on the same home network, yet one receives a full HD signal, but the Co-Star doesn't.

    Any suggestions?

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