ReadWriteWeb DeathWatch: Sony

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    ReadWriteWeb DeathWatch: Sony (click for full article)

    "Sony has posted losses for four consecutive years, and the company has lost its leadership position in just about every market it used to dominate. Can Sony's new rock star CEO refocus the company before Apple, Microsoft and Samsung devour everything it has left?

    The Basics

    Remember the Walkman? The CD? The CD Walkman? Sony created (and co-created) all of them, along with the Trinitron TV, Blu-Ray discs, the PlayStation and dozens of other consumer electronics devices that helped create our modern world. But over the last few years, others have captured Sony's traditional markets, while very little Sony innovation has made an impact. The result is a bloated workforce, unsold inventory and a stock that's down more than 90% from its all-time high in 2000."
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