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    • 01.06.2011

    At CES, RCA showed off a 32-inch HDTV running a Google Operating System. But it wasn't Google TV.

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    AS VEGAS—As we walked around the show floor at CES 2011 on Thursday, we stopped at RCA's booth when we saw a Web browser running on a 32-inch TV, with a YouTube video playing. We inquired, curious because we'd heard no mention of an RCA partnership with Google TV. As it turns out, there's good reason for that.
    What RCA's new RLC3291 TV was running was a skinned version of Android 2.2, "Froyo." Menu systems and browsing looked the same as they do on most Android phones—just a whole lot bigger this time. RCA had changed the home and application screens, making them more remote-friendly (though RCA will also sell a remote with a QWERTY keyboard and a touchpad). Flash 10.1 is installed, and we saw app icons for Facebook, Picasa, YouTube and more (though the apps weren't available yet, as RCA is finishing the software).

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