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    *Work in progress- Construction Area*
    Hello [​IMG] and Welcome to the Quick Reference Guide. for easy access to the most important and current topics in this area of the forum. Topics below are itemized with their present status (Resolved, Unresolved, Workarounds). Feel free to add to the topics conversations and use the Suggestions thread if you would like to see specific topics added to or changed in this itemized list: Site Suggestions? * New members seeking knowledge and help should start here:GTV FAQ's and GTV HELP

    Quick Reference Guide

    Can I watch videos that required Windows Media Player on Sony Google TV?--->UnResolved: may be some work arounds

    Chrome to TV--->Resolved: How to instructions by juilia

    Detecting DLNA server on my Revue
    --->Resolved: How to instructions

    Enable track pad clicking
    --->Resolved: How to instructions

    Google TV Help Guide From Google
    --->Resolved: How to instructions

    Google TV Shortcuts [Google]
    --->Resolved: How to instructions

    Google TV Tips And Tricks To Get The Most Out Of The Experience
    ---> Resolved: Nice link to article found by catfishrivers

    HDMI Set-Top Boxes that work with Revue
    ---> Resolved: Listing of all compatible Set-Top boxes (post #2)

    How-cut-paste-logitech-gtv-2-0--->Resolved: How to instructions by swould333

    How to clear the cookies, cache, and browsing history in Google Chrome-SONY Internet
    --->Resolved: How to instructions

    How do I reboot my Google TV?--->Resolved: How to instructions

    How to: Setup "other" devices with the Logitech Revue
    --->Resolved: How to instructions by eferz

    Market apps show "Not compatible", I am unable to install them--->Resolved: How to instructions

    Workaround For Viewing PDF File --->Resolved: How to instuctions
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