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    I have two Logitech Revue Google TV's. One has been mothballed, replaced by an Asus Chromebox. I "updated" the other Revue because of the issues that everyone was having. We just tried to view a video on YouTube on the Revue and ran into a number of problems. These Revue's are no longer functional. It's like spinning plates above your head - that sort of balancing act. It really has become another WebTV.

    My question has to do with Chromecast. In the interests of saving money (by not having to buy another Chromebox right now), I'm wondering if a Chromecast might accomplish what we are trying to do, which is to watch on-line videos on an HDTV.

    We have Smartphones and a Motorola Xoom tablet. If I disconnected the Revue from the TV, and purchased a Chromecast, would that accomplish what I'm trying to do? How/where do I connect the Chromecast? How do I manage the HDTV viewing experience while the Chromecast is in use (stop, start, etc.) - with the TV's own remote control or the Smartphone?

    I'll probably eventually buy another Chromebox, but I'm kicking myself for not having purchased a Chromecast when they were like $10.00 (or being given away)!
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    Your TV needs an HDMI port and you need either in home WiFi or a nearby ethernet outlet.

    In theory...you could plug the Chromecast into the HDMI in port on the Revue.

    To use an ethernet port...you need an ethernet adapter Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast - Google Store they are $15 with free shipping.

    Otherwise, you need a nearby USB A socket (on many newer TVs) or the included USB power adapter to power the Chromecast.

    Once setup...you control it via your smartphone which must also be on the home WiFi network.

    Your smartphone essentially says...go to this IP address and show the stream on the TV...listen to the smartphone for start/stop/pause signals.

    The actual streaming does not go thru your phone...it's sent directly from your network to the Chromecast.

    You will need apps like Avia or AllCast or Netflix, etc. (Any Chromecast enabled app) to initiate the streaming

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