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    Hi, I want to copy images from websites to use as wallpapers using Chrome on my NSZ-GS7, but i didn't see any option to do it. In cellphones people talk that is just press over the image and pop-ups an option to save, but in the NSZ-GS7 it didn't happens. Do you know how can I do it?
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    There is no traditional way to do this on GTV (in the manner that it's done with a computer or mobile phone browsers.)

    However I think I have devised a workaround.

    First go to the WebScissors site and enter the URL of the web page where the images you want are located. To get the source (URL) for all the images on that web page click "Show Images" - then there are 3 options you can use: Details, Edit, and Transload (ignore the Import option because that option was specifically designed for msntv devices). Here is the link to the webScissors site:


    Now after you have got the source for your images you will have 2 to ways to proceed:

    1) You can use the "transloader" tool to send the image files to a web hosting site. So for this you need to set up a free web site and get the FTP information from your web host. You can store your images there.

    2) You can use the following web tool (see link below) to upload the image file to Dropbox or email the file to your gmail account. You could then download the file on your GTV device by opening the link to the file (from your email):

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