Possible connectivity issues??

Discussion in 'Asus Qube' started by kewlies, Dec 3, 2013.

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    I just purchased the Cube and the setup was amazing. So much better than the Pivos. Anyhoo, so it connected to Wifi without incident and after a few hiccups getting to to detect my desktop computer I can finally see all the movies in my shared folder.

    Both the cube and my desktop are connected wirelessly to the network. The router is upstairs so the connection strength to my desktop is about 2/5 bars and to the cube 5/5 bars. When I try and view files, sometimes they'll play, sometimes the won't. I'm getting a "Sorry. Movie Player was unable to play this media." Other times, it will play the file no problem. I'm just wondering how one would know if this is a wireless connectivity issue or something wrong with the cube. I'm not experiencing any sort of signal loss on my desktop though, so not sure how to proceed. If I wanted to connect to the desktop via a wired connection, do I need to connect the CAT5 to the router or to the desktop directly, and if to the desktop directly, would a CAT5 work or would I need a crossover cable?

    Any assistance in this matter would be appreciated.

    Side Note: Previous to the Cube I was using a WD Live TV box and everything worked perfectly. The only thing was it's inability to play MKV files. Nothing has changed on my desktop, no settings, no file locations, nothing.
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