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    Hi guys,

    My name is Jose Vigil, I am head of RoamTouch a small company that developed padkite dot com, the first multitouch mobile mouse. Due to a series of incompatibilities with system libraries (webkit fork) we have not been able to move to the mobile business yet, we are working on a single finger operation version. Ye expect to reach a stable version hopefully soon.

    However we are very excited about following our vision and porting our product to GoogleTV, remote control it via touch tablet (iOs, Android, BB) with a set of gestures from our GestureKit.

    We believe that the living room is the Mecca of computer interaction and we are aiming there. However we need help from the community to move on since we are not yet been funded. We need to:

    1) Try the app if works (is not yet in the market), once that back and for the porting until we make it run. The back and for means trying it a series of times sending logs until it runs.

    2) Test the remote operations controlling the remote padkite and making gestures to do operations on the tv. We of course need 1 first to go to number two.

    If there is anybody who wants to help us please let me know via PM or this post. We are aware of the potential of GoogleTV and we want to get ready for the living room arena.

    If anybody wants to join you are welcome, its going to be a lot of fun.

    Lets move to the future.

    Best regards,

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