Pogoplug Pro to Logitech Revue streaming via Browser worked for me

Discussion in 'Logitech Revue' started by madman999, Apr 20, 2012.

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    I put this to the side a couple of months ago because i couldn;t get it to work via the Pogoplug Client or the website. However, things seem to have stabilized/improved enough on both ends. I haven;t tried it with the pogoplug client again because the client wants to load itself into memory all the time plus I don;t have an external video media player installed that is streaming aware like Moboplayer or VPlayer. i've been meaning to try GTV Box or Avia but the problem is that the pogoplug sits in memory all the time so it uses up valuable resources. however the client does load and work-have used it to download and upload files with my Revue-msostly apk files.

    I tried to access my Pogoplug Pro via the GTV Chrome browser and other than warnings that it is incompatible with the browser, I was able to sign in successfully. in the past, I couldn;t get past the incompatible browser dialog box. Browsed my drives and was able to stream a MP4 movie directly in the browser. Quality and sound was good although when I tried to switch to full screen, the upper right corner was obscured with a button to close full screen. other than that, seemed adequate.

    this was much to my surprise because Chrome on the PC from the Pogoplug only works through HTML5 streaming. As far as I know, the GTV browser does not support HTML5 video streaming but I could be wrong. If it was doing it via Flash, that would be an interesting change. More likely, the Pogoplug people made some improvements to their My.Pogoplug.Com portal/website.

    So if you want a streaming server to try, here is some info on the Pogoplug. The Pogoplug is a mini server run ARM processor and very limited memory and processing power and consumes little energy for connecting USB drives. it;s meant to allow streaming of video, music and photos to any platform via webpage, client or even drive letter. the devices are relatively cheap-29$-79$. it registers itself to Pogoplugs name servers to allow it to be discovered so if they go out of business, the device is a paperweight. they are hackable though.

    Is this better than a full server? As for performance and reliability, well the pogoplug forum has their share of complaints so your mileage may vary. Just passing this info around in case anyone wants to try it. Like the revue, I am happy to be surprised in a positive way anytime something new is discovered.

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