Playing Movie Files On Sony Google TV from External HD

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    Hopefully you can help me out here im having a bit of trouble. I have Sony's NSX-46GT1 HDTV and what i am looking to do is Plug my External HD into the TV through USB and then play my movies from my EXT HD on the TV. Now i already have all my files ripped from my blu ray movies to .MKV and at this point, I would use handbrake to convert it to play on my google tv, But here is where i am having my problem. When i plugged my EXT HD into my google tv and went to media player, Both movies did not work. I converted them using handbrake and they were converted to .M4V. Now when i d'led an app i was able to get one of the 2 to work, But my question is should i conVert them to .MP4 instead? Is this my problem or do you guys have an easier solution/program i can use so i can make this happen.

    So pretty much i want to take my .MKV files and convert them to work on my google tv through my EXT HD. Obiously i want to convert them, because the file size is way to big.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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