playback problems, but not sure where

Discussion in 'Google TV Help' started by sleepraider, Aug 27, 2013.

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    Hello All,
    So the setup I have is that I'm using sickbeard/sabnzdb/plex with my Hisense Pulse.
    In theory, it's a beautiful setup where the end user does very little and everything is taken care of perfectly for me.
    There's one problem now, and it appears to be out of my league. I'm having playback problems.
    I'm not sure if this comes down to some possibilities:

    -my network not being good enough (about 7mb whether its wired or wireless to my Hisense Pulse, but that shouldnt be the issue-- because the speed between my Pulse and my Plex server should be much higher than that. Especially when it's wired.
    -transcoding issues on the part of my computer. My computer is okay, currently running WIndows 7. IIRC, its a 4.2 GHz dual core 4 GB computer. AMD Athlon, I think is the processor. Its about 6 years old, but I'd think it'd be enough to be a server for plex.
    -Hisense Pulse. All of the times I've had quality problems, it's been where we are watching something in HD via plex (never live streams, never via Netflix) andit "catches".. and jumps, and sometimes the audio/video arent synced. Is it possible that the Pulse doesnt have enough ram/processing power to handle HD videos that are in certain formats?

    -video quality. Even though it says its HD, perhaps the quality of the videos sickbeard is downloading for me arent great. Every time I watch on my computer though, they really appear to be great, so my hunch is that the problem isnt the quality of the downloads. This seems to happen A LOT with breaking bad, too.

    Not sure if there are other potential reasons, but I'm hoping people can help me figure out where the problem is and what the fix would be. I might try a different program, like ViMu, to see if its a transcoding thing, but I'm open to any suggestions or ideas people may have.

    Thanks in advance!

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