Pivos XIOS XS Is An XBMC-Centric Set-Top-Box

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    Pivos XIOS XS is an XBMC-centric set-top-box - Liliputing (click for full article)

    by Brad Linder - May 30, 2014

    -- Now that the developers of XBMC offer a version of their popular media center software for Android, you can run it on all sorts of devices. But one of the companies that first partnered with the XBMC team to port the application to Android have a habit of releasing set-top-boxes optimized for running XBMC.

    Their next box goes even further, with a highly customized version of Android called TOFU Media OS that makes Android really look like it was designed for TVs… and which puts XBMC front and center.

    The Pivos XIOS XS launches in June.

    While the hardware specs are similar to those for the older Pivos XIOS DS, the new model has a new wireless remote control that’s optimized for XBMC and TOFU and it’ll be the first device to ship with the new TOFU software.

    The TOFU operating system is based on Android and supports Android applications. But front and center in the operating system is TOFU Media Center, which is a skinned version of XBMC designed to make it easy to interact with photos, videos, and music on a TV screen while using a remote control.

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