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Discussion in 'Vizio Co-Star' started by gkamieneski, Mar 26, 2013.

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    My Son has many, many photos from a recent trip that I would like to show on the TV using the Co-Star. What do people find to be the best app either already included with the Co-Star or in the Google Play market for showing photos?

    I also wonder what is the best source location? I have the photos on SkyDrive and they can be reached through the Chrome browser or they can be attached by USB to the SD Card. I also have them stored on Revel by Adobe. Now Vizio Playpoint sees my laptop across the room but when I click on it and then the photos, it comes back with an error. Can my Windows 7 laptop act as a DLNA server for Vizio Playpoint to work. I also have a somewhat old NAS drive on the network, but this is a Samba device and I don't believe that can operate as a DLNA or media server. Any help with that would be appreciated.
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    I just use the standard Google gallery app, but mainly because it's part of the Google universe. We used Picassa to upload all the old photos on our computers. For the past year or so have used Instant Upload on Google+ to automatically upload new pics to the Google cloud (free). From the standard gallery app, either on our phones, tablets or GTV, we select our own and each others accounts to display pics. That way all old and new pics are always available to us, on any device.

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