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    Like most web surfers I sometimes need to view a page that is a PDF file and that's something that isn't available with the current GoogleTV software. Workarounds have been posted that give you the opportunity to view them, but that is a bit cumbersome and it requires that you are able to get the PDF URL which isn't always possible. Yesterday I tried searching for a particular PDF and when clicking on the results I got the pop-up informing me that GoogleTV was unable to display that file type. I noticed in the search results that there was a link to "Quick View" under the main link. When clicking on this link it brought up the PDF properly formatted. One PDF which I use on a daily basis is the TV schedule that is published daily in the L.A. Times sports section that lists the TV and radio coverage of all the days major sports. Searching with the query "LA Times sports TV listings" brings up web results for that page. Clicking on the main result goes directly to the URL and presents the GoogleTV unable to use problem. Clicking on the Quick View link brings up the page properly formatted.

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