Own 2 Logitech Revue, one connected to play store

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    I have 2 Logitech Revue boxes.

    One of them is still receiving updates.
    Build KA2X-20121009.114346.user-b70199
    Most Google things: 3.2015522
    Most Logitech things: 2.0.70199

    Liked it so well that I got another for Mom.

    Have so far been able to force-feed the new box Android 3.2
    Can not get play store to allow updates. Currently gives DLA-DF-15
    Attempted Patrick's instructions; Downloaded items (even from his dropbox) claim either "Failed to install" or "version with a different signature" installed

    My problems are apparently more involved than what a FAQ will remedy. Thank you for providing this forum.

    I'll post this as a proper question in the correct place, but since I've provided this much detail already...

    New unit is on build KA2X-20120924.131749.user-b69865
    Logitech 2.0.69865
    Most Google things: 3.2015522 (just like the working box)
    I was able to download Patrick's version of YouTube and it works fine (and now I have 2 YouTube icons)

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