Oracle Claims Android Is Stealing Java's "Traditionally Strong" Market Share

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    Oracle Claims Android Is Stealing Java's "Traditionally Strong" Phone, TV, And Tablet Market Share - Really, Guys? (click for full article)

    "In a court filing last night demanding an early trial date for the ongoing Google v. Oracle patent litigation, Oracle claims that Android is now irreparably harming Java's market share in the mobile, TV, and tablet space. Oracle says that these are areas where Java "has traditionally been strong." News to us.

    Last time I checked, cheap multimedia flip phones running Opera Mobile weren't exactly high on Google's target product list for Android, but maybe I missed the memo on that one. Also, please direct me to these Java-powered TVs and tablets, Oracle - the Amazon Kindle is not a tablet, it's an eReader. And tru2way, Sun's attempt at Java-powered set top boxes, was dead long before Android came around. Not that Google TV is exactly taking off, either.

    Oracle has taken to this tactic of claiming Android is now killing Java's "traditionally strong" market share in order to get to a jury more quickly, preferably on January 20th, with all the copyright, patent, and damages issues rolled into a single trial. Google is asking for a July trial date, and three separate trials (as suggested by the presiding judge) for the previously listed issues because of the degree of complexity and numerous sub-issues each claim presents."
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