One ugly work-around for internet streaming throttling

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    One of NetFlix's distribution partners (Cogent) has been in dispute with Verizon recently because they're pushing significantly more data on to Verizon's network than they're taking back, so Verizon has been throttling their data and NetFlix on Verizon has been suffering as a result. As IPTV spreads, we're only going to see more and more disputes of this nature. Verizon and the Cable companies are not going to be happy having their networks used to compete against their own offerings without at least getting a piece of the action

    Of course they could just make their TV offerings more competitive, increase the cost of their internet service offerings, and then kick back even more when customers bundle. They can play hardball on price/features if they wish; but I thought of a short-term solution for IPTV providers like NetFlix ... and that's to modify their app such that it uploads nearly as much data as it downloads. If they don't want to be completely wasteful, they might even do something similar to how torrents work. But simply uploading may be sufficient to balance the books of the internet peers.

    It would also put a terrible and unnecessary burden on the internet infrastructure and should be avoided at all costs. Verizon might even find some justification to block such an approach.

    When solutions such as this become attractive, it's usually time to re-think how the system works; but until the industry shakes out, we can expect many more battles.

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