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    Yesterday, I went through a common routine. I deleted cache, cookies and history. Maybe tapped the Smart Booster app. Then hit alt/ctrl/del. I may have unplugged the device a few moments later, to top it off.

    When the Revue came back on, my bookmarks page contained favorites that I had deleted four months ago! Now that has happened in the past after I did a factory reset, but this wasn't a factory reset! Anyone ever have that happen to do them? That was last night. This morning, no change. [I did do a factory reset about a week ago.]

    Another thing that I have noticed recently is that when you save a bookmark, sometimes the favorite isn't identified. It's blank. So for instance, I have a Yahoo page saved. On the bottom of the square block where the page is saved, it should say Yahoo. But it doesn't, it's blank and so you don't know what it is that you saved!

    So I have five rows of saved bookmarks. The first two rows don't have identifying information on the bottom. When I do type in an identifier, a short while later, the information that I typed in disappears. Weird.

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