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Discussion in 'Sony Internet TV' started by Rob1956, Aug 5, 2017.

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    I continue to use my Sony NSZ-GT1 as my HT Blu-ray player, I'm happy with it. Since I live in an apartment, I purchased a pair of Sony surround headphones, but I'm not hearing any (even pseudo) surround. The phones are the MDR-DS6500 model. I have the transmitter box connected to the optical out on the 'GT1. In the player settings, I have selected Optical priority, surround instead of pcm mixdown. Since my receiver doesn't have a digital out (most don't) it is out of the picture completely. Not even an illusion of surround of any kind. Anyone have a better suggestion about what settings for the GT1's Blu-ray player might yield better results? Plus the volume is quite low even with the 'phones volume wheel at maximum. Would I get better results if I went from the receiver's HDMI out to a box that extracts the optical out from the HDMI, then on to the phone's transmitter. box?

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