NSZ-GT1 optical audio out is not working

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    My current setup is:
    Fios Motorola QIP7232 ----> HDMI out ----> NSZ-GT1 ----> HDMI out ----> Panasonic tcl-55et5
    NSZ-GT1 ----> Optical audio out ----> Panasonic SC-HTB350 soundbar

    NSZ-GT1 Sound Settings:
    Audio (HDMI): Auto
    Audio output priority: Optical
    BD audio mix setting: On
    Dolby Digital pass-through: On
    DTS (Optical): Off (also tried on with no sound)
    Audio DRC: Auto
    Downmix: Surround

    I have hooked up my system, and I am receiving audio through the HDMI on the tv, but I am not receiving any audio through the soundbar system. Is there a setting that I need to change to get this to work? Is the NSZ-GT1 even compatible with the SC-HTB350? I have googled to see if they are compatible, but did not see anything. Also, would I still be able to get the Dolby Digital sound if I just ran the optical from the tv to the SC-HTB350?

    Thanks for the help!

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