nsx 40gt1 + dav-dz175 + dcx3400 synchronisation

Discussion in 'Sony Internet TV' started by kinseki, Aug 30, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I have nsx 40gt1 tv with dav-dz175 audio system and dcs3400 DVR from comcast Xfinity.

    I don't know how to sync three devices into the nsx 40gt1 remote control.

    Here is how I plug the cables:
    TV coaxial cable from the wall to dcx3400
    HDMI cable 1 from dcx3400 hdmi out to nsx 40gt1 hdmi in (port 1)
    HDMI cable 2 from dav-dz175 hdmi out to nsx 40gt1 hdmi in (port 2)

    I can watch the tv channels with audio by plugging this way, but I cannot adjust the volume by nsx 40gt1 remote control, neither does dcx3400 remote control.

    The caption closed function on nsx 40gt1 seems to work only with built-in tuning mode but HDMI input. Is there any way to activate this function on the nsx 40gt1 remote control to turn on/off the CC of dcx3400?

    Thank you

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