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Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by Understudy, May 29, 2013.

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    I joined these forums because I really need to express my disappointment with my Google TV box. I have the NSZ-GS7.

    1) Limited number of applications. No angry birds, no usstream and many other apps.
    2) Youtube keeps having issues
    3) The lousy mkv players (Avia sucks) where the heck is VLC?
    4) I have a toshiba HD tv. The system recognizes it and I can alter the volume but cannot change channels with the Google TV remote.
    5) If it were not for remote rdp and my ability to mini HD from my phone to my TV I would have to admit this box would already ne gone in favor of a Roku box.
    6) The having to unplug it and reset it that way when it decides it doesn't want to work anymore. Yes it is in a well ventilated area and is not overheating please save that for someone who is silly enough to buy it.
    7) The inability to cancel PIP (Picture in Picture)
    8) The cost being twice that of other similar systems and having half as much.
    9) Cannot get the remote to work on the tablet. The two won't even talk to each other.

    In someways it is easier to have my tablet or phone (both Google Android) hooked up to my TV


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    Well, not sure I want to take the time to respond to everything, maybe somebody else will also respond to issues I won't have an answer for.

    1. Limited number of apps? When updated to the next Android version, we expect more apps, possibly a Google TV version of Angry Birds will be available. If I had wanted Angry Birds, I would buy a box that has an Angry Birds app. The update to Android 4.2.2 is supposed to come later this year although I don't know the timing.

    2. The most recent update of the YouTube player wasn't to my liking so I uninstalled it and continue to use the previous version, it works great for my needs, the best access to YouTube I have used. My simple use is almost daily I check new videos from subscriptions and recommendations and always find something to watch and other videos to save to watch later. This is exactly what I wanted from a YouTube app.

    3. MKV is just a container, various codecs, some incompatible with the NSZ-GS7 can certainly be used which makes the NSZ-GS7 not a good choice for those file types. Here is a list of various Google TV players and file types supported. I like aVia but prefer ViMu and use it most often but I don't have much in the way of files to play, PlayLater DVR recordings mostly.

    Video and audio formats - ViMu Player - Your Google TV Media player

    4. Try a different Toshiba HDTV code, if you can't figure out how to do that, ask for help or read the directions because I don't believe only one Toshiba code is available. I have three Google TV boxes and only use AVRs for audio but each controls audio fine. Toshiba is a main stream brand, I think the NSZ-GS7 will be able to control it, including audio.

    5. I have both Google TV and Roku, Roku is very simple and very limited in comparison but does a lot of the things both boxes do better or easier and even does a couple of things I can't do with Google TV. The list of things I can do with Google TV I want and can't do with Roku is very long, starting with YouTube, ESPN3, M-Go, web browser, etc. etc.

    6. Try control alt delete to reboot but if your remote isn't communicating, you can certainly unplug it to restart. In the open and well ventilated is the best way to keep it cool, enclosed in an entertainment center is not, but if you aren't having overheating issues, that isn't important to you and I wouldn't expect you to be silly enough to buy that would fix anything other than problems caused by overheating.

    7. Not sure what you mean here but try hitting the PIP button again to cancel PIP.

    8. I am not aware of anything I would consider a similar system at half the price. I have pointed out the differences between the Sony model and other Google TV boxes several times here, there is a list of about 8 things, several important to me but if none of those are important to you, then the Google TV boxes at half the price could make more sense. The time to figure that out is probably before you buy. The other streaming boxes are not similar at all to my way of thinking, half price or not, but if you think you know of one, point it out.

    9. I don't know what remote app or which tablet or Android version you are using and I don't care for tablet remote apps, I only use the full sized keyboard, Logitech K700. I did install and play around with the Google TV Remote, Able Remote, and YouTube remote apps and all worked using my HP TouchPad running Android but none of those are for me so I don't use them. Someone using a table remote app can possibly help if you provide more information.

    We do get some long winded complainers here with very similar things to say. As usual, it is always from someone that either doesn't want the things Google TV does or hasn't figured out or can't figure out how to use it since it takes some effort. I would say you are a hybrid complainer, don't really think the box suits your need and you haven't a clue how to use it. Google TV is more difficult to use, requires babying, cluttered RAM brings it to its knees but I know to avoid the issues I have encountered and have explained many times here how I use it.

    I am certainly one of the biggest Google TV fans and use three boxes, one with each HDTV in the house, Google TV is far and away the best streaming box for my needs but it is clear that isn't going to be the case for everybody, just move on to something else if it won't work for you.


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