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    I have a Sony NSZ-GS7 for a month now and I'm not happy at all with the video playback capabilities, considering the price of the device. I'm comming from WDTVLive world (I have one from the first batch) so my expectation was that a 2012 player will be as a minimum as capable as a 5 years old one.
    Except the known fact that some mkv files (with DTS sound) or AVI DV (recoded with a Sony miniDV camcorder!!!!) does not play at all or only the sound in the last case, it seems that even the AVCHD files playback leave a lot to be desired.

    The files are stored on an USB HDD connected directly to the player. The playback is really strange. It looks like the playback speed is changing at a 1-2 seconds interval. The same files plays sleamleslly on the WDTV Live.

    I have tried to change the auto video mode (which seems to switch the output to 1080p) to manual 1080i with the same results.
    I suspect an issue with the framerate. The h264 files at 30Hz (from a GoPro) are played perfectly, even if the bitrate is much higher. The AVCHD files are from a Canon HF100, European version (1080i, 50Hz).

    Any hints on how to improve the playback of AVCHD files?

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