"No Signal" on Samsung le32r51b. Please help!

Discussion in 'Google Chromecast' started by Gerdes88, Apr 11, 2015.

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    I have recently bought a chromecast for my old old samsungle32r51b. it does have a HDMI input, so i figured it should work. But no matter what i do, i cannot get the chromecast to display anything. All it shows on my tv is "No Signal", which is exactly the same wether the Chromecast is in the HDMI input or not.
    This is despite the TV detecting something is set in the HDMI input (i can choose it under sources of input), so it knows it is there, but doesnt show anything, at all.
    I have tried to reset the chromecast.
    I have made sure it gets power and blinks white as it should.
    I have tried to power it with USB and regular power supply.
    I have tried to use the HDMI extender cable.
    I have tried to first set up the chromecast (powering it) and then setting it into my TV.
    Nothing worked.

    AFAIK it is sending and working properly with my smartphone, so i think my TV isnt showing what it is recieving?

    I dont know if i can test this on my PC or stationary PC? i have tried connecting my chromecast to both, to make sure it was working properly, but they dont recieve any signal.

    i have a Netgear Trek PR2000 for router. i cast from my iPhone 5iOS 8.0.2
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    Thirty-two people (or robots) have viewed this query and not a single one can answer this individuals query?

    I'm reminded of a crime that was committed in New York City during ,I believe, the 1960's. The victim was an Italian woman, Kitty Genovese?. The neighbors heard her screams for help. They numbered in the 100's. Not a single one came to her aid. She was either raped or murdered, one or the other. Maybe her neighbors were robots, eh?

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