Niners Stadium Price Shows How Stakes Are Rising

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    Niners' stadium price shows how stakes are rising (click for full article)

    From the article: "Overall, though, the tolerance for excess becomes more elastic all the time. As the construction boom in pro sports blankets all but a handful of franchises, the revenue upside to new stadiums is approaching its peak. But in its wake comes a deep craving by cable networks to counter the rise of DVRs and Hulu, and any other technology that undermines the definition of a captive audience.

    When Comcast bought NBC, owner of Sunday night football games, it drew up the X's and O's to cut off a lot of NFL fans who in a few years might have tried an end run around their cable boxes.

    When the Angels signed a $3 billion, 20-year deal with Fox Sports late last year, they tripled their annual revenue from local broadcasting. When they binged on contracts for Albert Pujols and pitcher C.J. Wilson in the offseason, the TV deal stood by as a hangover treatment.

    With 162 games to televise a year, a baseball franchise gives a channel enormous leverage in dealing with cable companies. The schlock on Lifetime and Spike has a following, but nothing that inspires the singular devotion of a sports team. Also, that content won't go stale if someone watches it days later. Live sports are appointment television, giving advertisers a better shot at avoiding DVR obscurity.

    "You're never going to get that with Google TV," said Larry Baer, the Giants' CEO and a former executive with the CBS network. "
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