Nielsen: 'Traditional' TV Viewing Wanes As Video Viewing Increases

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    Nielsen: 'Traditional' TV viewing wanes even as video viewing increases - FierceOnlineVideo (click for full article)

    Summary: Report highlights variety of platforms that support video content

    September 11, 2012 | By Jim Barthold

    "The Nielsen Company has found an apparent anomaly in American TV viewing in its fourth quarter Cross-Platform Report.

    "Even though the average TV viewer is watching 6 fewer minutes per day of traditional television, viewing is growing," the report stated.

    Most of this viewing occurs on screens other than TVs, such as increasingly popular tablets which "more than 15 percent of US TV homes own," the report continued. Other viewing devices include the expected: DVRs, gaming consoles "increasingly being used as vehicles for content delivery" and, with about 36 million mobile phone owners in the United States, smartphones."
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