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    Apple May Bite On 'iCloud' Domain

    April 28, 2011 | Steve Donohue

    Online video buzz dominates today's cable news roundup.

    Lots of buzz this morning about Apple Inc. possibly acquiring the iCloud domain name for $4.5 million (pocket change, really, for Steve Jobs), which it could conceivably use to launch a cloud-based music and video service. Apple Prepping Cloud-Based Video Service?

    Epix launched a batch of apps for Android units and other connected devices, allowing subscribers of Viacom Inc. premium movie network to watch videos on Google TV, Roku Inc. streaming players, Samsung Corp. TVs and Blu-ray players, and the BlackBerry PlayBook. EPIX Gains Traction With 'TV Everywhere' Model.

    Comcast Corp.added hit Fox Broadcasting Co. and ABC Inc. series to its free VoD service, but is disabling the fast-forward function to ensure viewers can't skip the ads. Comcast's 'Xfinity' Brand to Take Over the House.

    DTV is thinking about launching a new online video service, comparing it to Netflix Inc. in a subscriber survey.

    RGB Networks Inc. , the digital video specialist that's still pining for an IPO, said it has more than $200 million in product since its 2001inception. It reached the $100 million mark about two years ago.

    Time Warner Cable Inc.lost 66,000 basic video subs in the first quarter, but added 177,000 high-speed Internet customers.

    Fast Company wonders if Cisco Systems Inc. HealthPresence telemedince play will transform healthcare.

    Comcast opened a new customer service call center in Minnetonka, Minn., adding 450 new jobs.

    Increased ad revenue and distribution fees saw Discovery Communications Inc. U.S. Networks division generate $587 million in first-quarter revenue, up 8 percent.

    But Imax, Discovery's partner in 3net,lost $1 million in the first quarter, as it struggled without a blockbuster movie like Avatar.


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