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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this site and to GTV. I live in the UK (London).
    I have a new Samsung smart (well, reasonably smart) TV (T27A300) with BT Vision set top box attached and a Justop GTV box on the HDMIDVI port with an Airpad and remote. (These latter are very confusing to use together, but I can live with that). I am on the internet with the box, but that's about all. Android apps cannot be downloaded and Android says it is 'upgrading to Google Play'. Videos will not play. I tested this with a YouTube video from the web, but it would not play. ( I have Adobe Flash Player on the box). I have a Google Account (Gmail etc). All this seems very limited. I am a member of LoveFilm, but am not prepared to try this out yet on the GTV box until I am sure the films will stream.
    I'd appreciate any help, tips or references members may have.
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    The Justop box is an Android TV box not a GTV box. Unfortunately so many people get the two confused. Android TV doesn't have the HDMI overlays like the official Google TV platform products have. The only official Google TV product currently available (and supported) in the UK is the Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV box. The Sony GTV box has BBC iPlayer support as well as android apps, Chrome browser and YouTube:


    That being said I recently came across an informative article for UK residents looking for a catch-up TV box solution. (I had posted this link in the off-topic section). I think you can get some ideas from the article:

    Wanted: a box to do catch-up TV | Ask Jack | Technology | guardian.co.uk
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