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Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by mdovell, Jan 31, 2012.

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    I recently bought a Revue (reconditioned). It works well but I do have some questions. (to note I'm on 3.1)

    How exactly/what exactly is done to make an app close? I know there's the back and the home button but other than that I don't see that much.

    Speaking of apps initially I was under the impression that many would not work...I'm very surprised that a number of them do. I have file expert that works pretty well and Kingsoft Office which..well wow an office suite on my tv..yeah it isn't as productive as a laptop but still. Accuweather also works.

    I know hulu is the big thing that is being blocked but in all due respect there's so much on youtube alone...

    In terms of international tv I have france 24, russia today and al jezzera that all work quite well.

    I'm wondering how to put amazon kindle on it. The work around for the android files seems to elude me. File expert opens them up as a zip file and with nothing executable I'm at a loss.

    Any ideas? Thanks
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    Unfortunately, there is no standard in closing an app. Some apps, like Netflix, you can hold down either the [Esc] or GTV Back button and it will prompt you if you want to exit it. Other apps, like File Expert and Netflix, have the option to quit available by pressing the GTV Menu. Other apps, like File Expert, will allow you to exit by pressing GTV Back until you navigate back out of the program. The unfortunate part of it all is that there is no standard whatsoever. And you not really supposed to have to exit out of programs, according to many Android fanatics. However, if you do then you might look for a task management program from the Android Market.

    I'm not sure if the Kindle app will work on Google TV it is possible. There's a bug in Chrome which renames APKs to ZIP when it downloads them. To try installing it, you'll have to go into File Explorer and rename it from ZIP back to APK. This will allow you to install the app from File Explorer.

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