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    Hello everyone! Just finished shoveling some sun shine. Another record breaking day here. It only hit 115° here today. So last November I had just got off work and was headed home when all of a sudden it hit me. Today is Cyber Monday and it's 9pm. I just have to get something because the whole net is on sale until midnight. So I got home and fired up the old box. While it was starting up I thought to myself "where in the hell am I going to a sale at". So I opened Chrome and typed in "cyber Monday sale". I hit enter and poof there before my eyes was pages and pages of vendors wanting some of my hard earned pesos. The second listing I saw was for Google TV. Now what in the hell is that I thought. Click here I was on tiger direct.com. before me was an image of the Sony BluRay Player with Google TV. I read the description and thought to myself hell I can get out of Christmas cheap. I was looking to buy a BluRay player and my budget was $125.00. This thing must be something pretty cool because it normally cost $275.00, and Tiger had it for a Cyber Monday price of $65.00 but I now only had about an hour and a half to buy something. At $60.00 below budget I thought what the hell I can put the money I saved on this thing and put it in the big screen savings account. For the previous 6 months I had been saving for the Sharp 80" AqAqous Quattro 3d 240mz 1080p Wi-Fi bla,bla, bla flat panel that would be coming out in February. Click I bought it. Then waited for Santa to bring it. Set up was a breeze on my old 60" Mitsubishi. But now I have my 80" er and oh my god, this thing rocks! I have it paired with the Bose Cinemate Digital System. Picture, sound, everything is unbelievable!! My friends come over and I'll throw up a UTube of Pink Floyd, or Led Zeppelin, they just stand there with there mouth wide open, a tear running down their face and they say "damn the on,y thing you need now is a doobie and we will be set!! Now I want to learn to Root it. Sorry this was so long just wanted to say Hi and are we not a bunch of lucky +$&@#$! Rock on GoogleTV

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