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    As New Year’s Eve approaches, many of us will draw up lists of resolutions. This year, as you’re setting out to learn a new skill or get in shape, the best place to start is right in your living room.

    One of the top New Year’s resolution is to pick up a musical instrument. But let’s be honest, it’s discouraging when bumbling around with a guitar pick does not make you an instant Hendrix. Instead of struggling on your own, or struggling to find the right teacher, try taking lessons from home on Google TV. Berklee School of Music offers great intermediate and advanced lessons for guitar, bass, keyboards, and voice on their YouTube Channel. For guitarists, RockOnGoodPeople has lessons for all levels in all genres of music. They post new licks, scales, and chords all the time to help you unleash your inner Clapton, Page, or Swift. Hey—no judgment.

    If music isn’t your language, there are foreign language lessons all over the web. You don’t need expensive software to learn a new language when there are great resources on Google TV. For the basics like greetings, directions and the all-important food-related vocab, tune into SpanishDict. If you’re looking for long form classroom instruction you can rent half hour lessons from RockN’Learn, with songs and entertaining learning for kids and adults. To advance your learning TheSpanishBlog uploads new lessons on pronunciation every week.

    After too many rich Holiday meals, it can be great to balance indulgence with some exercise. If you’re making a commitment to trim down or get fit, but don’t have (or want anything to do with) a gym membership, Google TV can be your personal trainer.

    A good place to start is ExerciseTV, where you can get workout regiments and nutrition tips. For rigorous exercise try NerdFitness’s YouTube channel where you can learn new workout circuits and even focus on muscle groups like arms and legs. If you’re looking to build strength, flexibility, and just the right amount of Zen, TaraStiles Yoga channel has detailed instructions for both easy and, well, ambitious Yoga poses (hint: prepare for the blood to rush to your head).

    With all these great resources available right from your sofa, it shouldn’t be hard to try a little yoga, pick up the guitar, or practice your Spanish just a little bit each day. This is the year to keep those resolutions, with a little help from Google TV.

    By Charlie Harding
    FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2010

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