"New" Revue on Amazon?

Discussion in 'Logitech Revue' started by guest, Aug 13, 2013.

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    I'm assuming this Revue for sale on Amazon is new. Amazon.com: Logitech Revue Companion Box with Google TV and Keyboard Controller: Electronics Did they manufacture THAT MANY Revue's such that they still have one's to sell? They're no longer being manufactured, right?

    Is anyone on this forum still recommending the purchase of a Revue? I have two and don't need another one. The mother of a child that visits my house says that the child likes the Revue much better than her Windows laptop. I'd like to say to them, yes, buy a Revue, but I know it's not the most advanced GTV and is no longer being updated.

    If they bought a Revue, I could give them some help with it as I've been using the Revue for a few years now and have learned a few things about it from reading the Google TV Forum. All these new GTV's, I have no familiarity with. The Revue at $164.95 is a bit pricy for their pocketbook, too.

    Their main use with a GTV would be internet access, YouTube, e-mail. The primary user would be a child.

    Any advise you could give as to which GTV to purchase? (They own an HDTV.)
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    The Revue will not be getting the big Jellybean OS update. IMO most people like the Revue because of the keyboard - so my advice would be to tell your friend to buy a second generation GTV device (because those devices will receive the Jellybean update) - and then pair a Logitech K700 keyboard to the second generation GTV device.

    *Note: If your friend buys a new Logitech K700 keyboard it's supposed to come pre-paired to GTV devices. The new K700 keyboard comes with the unifying receiver so it should then be just plug & play. However a few GTV users said that they needed to pair it to their GTV device. The pairing procedure is relatively simply but it requires the use of a PC.

    You can also pair an original Logitech Revue keyboard to other GTV devices - but first you must obtain the unifying receiver - and go through the pairing procedure with a PC.
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    To both Catfish and Guest,what Catfish said is true..when I was more loyal to the Revue at the time,pretty much all you needed to do what turn it on,and it found your keyboar you just went to the pair feature,then pair up a logitech mouse for example and you were done...that was a great asset there about that..

    Meanwhile on the co-star I had to buy a unifying receiver and pair up my mouse and K700..and yes it does work here too
    hope this helped :)

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