"new" (refurb) Revue full of problems

Discussion in 'Logitech Revue' started by gburks, Jul 28, 2012.

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    Hi, I just received a refurbed Logitech Revue today and I have encountered multiple problems. I've searched the forums for answers but these issue still remain:
    • My firmware is 3.1. Shouldn't it update to 3.2? I've tried all the suggestions about forcing the update, but it continues to say it is up to date at 3.1
    • Under "Accounts & Sync" I have background data and auto-sync enabled, but my gmail account shows the message "Sync is OFF" below it. If I click my account, under Data & syncronization, it says "No services available to sync"
    • If I log into Google Play from a laptop or from Chrome in my Revue, and click on "My Android Apps", the first section says "Apps installed on Logitech Revue - There aren't any apps associated with this account installed on this device." The next section says "Other Apps in my Library" and shows the few apps I have installed on the Revue. Why are they here and not listed under Apps installed on Logitech Revue?
    • I can't find the HBO GO app anywhere in the Play app on the Revue. I can find it in Play on my laptop, but if I choose Install > Send to > Choose device on which to install > the Logitech Revue is grayed out. If I mouse over the question mark, it says "You have not opened Google Play Store app recently on this device. Please open it and try again." (but I have opened it recently!!!)
    • Is there an HBO GO app or do you just have to watch it through Chrome?
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    Have you tried doing a factory reset of your Revue? Also try a factory reset of your router.

    I am also stuck on the 3.1 update. Unfortunately some Revues have firmware issues that prevent them from being updated. If your box has corrupted firmware the only way to get the 3.2 update would be to exchange it for another Revue.

    There is no HBO GO app for GTV. You must use the Chrome browser. And the HBO GO web site doesn't list GTV as a supported platform. (In other words it's not optimized for GTV). So GTV users are reporting mixed results viewing the site with Chrome.

    From your browser settings check "Sync browser bookmarks with your Google account" and then click on your account. If you're still having the same sync problem with your Google account - then try logging out of your Google account and signing back in. Also try rebooting after you sign back in by pressing: Alt + Ctrl + DEL
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