New Free App: Trailers for Google TV (beta)

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    Trailers for Google TV (beta v0.9)Watch the best hd movie trailers the internet has to offer from the comfort of your living room with Trailers for Google TV! Trailers brings together the most popular movie promotions from across the internet in three different views that make it simple and easy to find and watch some of the most entertaining and free content available online today. Other movie applications either stream low res video or have cumbersome interfaces. Trailers includes HD quality video only and provides a simple and easy to use interface that will make finding and viewing trailers fun. Download Trailers for Google TV today for FREE!

    Trailers is in public beta so please email us at support@arrowtechusa.com if you have any issues. We'd be glad to help resolve your issues before the release of v1.0

    Features:* Optimized for all Google TV devices.
    * 100+ HD trailers streamed directly from the internet.
    * Clean & simple interface that's easy to use.
    * A calendar view that let's you browse movie trailers by their opening date.
    * A Top 15 view of trailers from the most popular movies at the box office today.
    * Built in media caching that make resources load very quickly after their first use.
    * Regular updating of trailer information to ensure the latest trailers are always available.
    * Best interface for browsing and watching trailers of any Google TV app on the market.

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    Great app, man. Nice and simple and well designed.

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