New 2013 LG Google TV TVs VS Google boxes like Sony GS7?

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by cyberpine, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. cyberpine

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    Apr 8, 2013
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    I was playing with the a new LG Google TV 3.0 (GA6400) 47 inch at Best Buy last week. Pretty sweet IMO.

    Good idea to buy integrated knowing in 2 years the Google TV boxes that will likely come out are going to blow away what's burried inside a $1500 TV?

    Still got to say that $1500 for 55 inch LED with Google TV 3.0 is pretty nice anyways..
  2. CatfishRivers

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    Apr 5, 2011
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    You make a good point. My own personal preference is to buy a nice "dumb" HD TV with a decent picture - then add the smart TV features through inexpensive boxes/dongles that sell for $99 or less. I read that people expect a TV to last at least 5 to 7 years - and in that period of time IMO "the what's buried inside" components for the GTV features will be outdated.

    Plus when the Smart TV features are combined (built) directly into the TV there are more things that can break or go wrong. If something breaks I'd rather have it break on an easily replaceable $99 box.

    Also even though some might not agree with this: IMO because GTV is not selling very well there is always a chance that GTV manufacturers drop out of the GTV game (and drop GTV support) - before the hardware becomes obsolete. If that happened I'd rather be stuck with a $99 unsupported box versus a $1500 TV. JMHO.......
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  3. ChrisG8

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    Aug 4, 2011
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    I prefer to buy a dumb TV and use a smart TV box but I can't say it is a very important distinction. If the built in Google TV with the LG model does become outdated and poor compared to what's available in two years, just buy a box to connect and quit using it. I am using a current Google TV box and two that are 2.5 years old, I am happy with all three. I am also using a PS3 I purchased in 2007. I expect to be using the same PS3 and same Google TV boxes I own today in 2016. My displays are 2008, 2009 and 2011 models and I believe all will end up lasting between 7 and 12 years. I sure don't see me doing anything different as far as display or components connected to displays until something breaks.

    If someone prefers smart TV be built in to the display, I would say don't worry about technology improvements making that outdated or poor compared to what is available, if that happens, just buy a current smart TV box and connect it and quit using the built in version, the display itself will still be great. I am worried that Google TV won't catch on and therefore won't continue to be improved and supported in the future. I think the Google TV platform needs both types of products to gain market share for it to succeed.

    My 4 year old TiVoHDs, my 2.5 year old Google TV boxes, my 6 year old PS3, and my 4 year old laptop are all supposed to be outdated and not worth using but I use all and all still do everything they always did.
  4. pmcd

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    Aug 13, 2012
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    I think it is too risky. GTV may crash and burn and then what? LG just bought yet another platform for their Smart TV's. I think it's wiser to go with a set top box. Mind you, if you aren't paying much more for the Smart part of the TV then you have nothing to lose. These things are hobbies, but a TV is an expensive way to participate.

  5. dtaylor

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    Jan 31, 2012
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    I somewhat regret going with the integrated TV set over a set-top box. My TV is already outdated and missing features of the latest boxes and it's not even two years old. TVs are too expensive to have an upgrade cycle like a phone or $100 box. Of course I could just buy a new box and hook it up to my TV, but then I have the poor experience of running Google TV on top of Google TV. I wish I could deactivate Google TV and turn my smart TV into a dumb TV.

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  6. deathshead

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    Apr 30, 2013
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    Hey guys, I just got a new LG 47GA400.
    This is the newest Lg integrated Google tv out right now.

    I'm very impressed with it so far.
    Albeit some of the menus could look better, (we need ROOT! and we can edit all that, Im sure it will come eventually.)

    But the integration works very well on this set.
    My son will be 5 in July. He loves to just pickup the remote, hit the voice key and say
    "youtube minecraft videos" and then The youtube app starts playing exactly what he wants,
    when the video ends the next one plays automatically right after.

    If im lazy, i just say what i want to watch and boom im there.

    I know stbs do this and whatnot, but the remote really makes this set its really good.

    As far as the pros and cons of google tv being integrated into the set heres my take.

    #1.pretty much all good sets these days have smart tv functions that will also be updated in 5 years. there is no way around that.
    so no matter what your in going to be in the same boat being stuck on old software down the road.

    #2. again, the integration on at least this new LG unit I see as an advantage.

    #3. Google Tv updates are slow anyway. and on top of that the lag between the manufacturers. etc
    so many STBs will not be too far off in terms of the Ancient Android 3.1 Honey comb base in which its built off of.

    #4. If and when some HUGE GTV updates do arrive and if the unit isnt powerful enough, etc THEN we can always go to a set top box.
    This will cut out the integrated google tv entirely.

    Make sense?
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  7. twospirits

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    Jan 26, 2013
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    There is one setup which I recently read about (and can't remember for the life of me who did it, maybe it was Samsung or LG) that makes any Smart TV stay on the cutting edge for many years throughout the development cycle of GTV. It is somewhat what I felt that should be done for phones, tablets as well.

    Bottom line, take the upgradability module concept that is in PCs and apply it to TVs.

    The manufacturer can build a unit as small as the Roku, Vizio CoStar, but make it smaller like Apple TV (with the ports on one level, and include the usual HDMI in and out ports, USB port, LAN port). Now include another port (be in proprietary, or a firewall type port) on the bottom side of the unit.
    This will allow the unit to plug in to (the back of) the TV. All Smart TVs will come with the unit. Once the technology (OS, features improve), the user can just swap out the older unit and replace it with another one (much like what one does with PC memory, hard drive components).

    The unit itself can be sold as a stand alone unit as well since it has already all the ports necessary to function as a stand alone set top box.

    Edit: Something similar to what Samsung did with its Evolution Kit that allows its start tvs to be upgraded. But they need to make them cheaper and universal for other tvs.

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