Netflix web site should point to GTV netflix app... its broken again..

Discussion in 'Google TV Help' started by Scuzzo, May 3, 2012.

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    one very cool bit of functionality,, was the fact that you could go to the netflix watch instantly .. and when you choose a film.. it would launch the netflix app.. and point to the movie chosen.. now i know its just a stupid little difference.. but i really liked that idea.. i thought it intergrated well with the net flix app.. the web site was just a much more polished experience.. in greater detail and wider in scope..

    now when you choose a film from the netflix instant watch site.. it will still launch the app.. but it will not drill down any farther then the frist screen,, the home screen,, your que, and the various lists of movie and tv genera....

    can some one test this out... like say go to netflix watch instantly site... http://movies.netflix.com/WiHome and choose any thing from your que...
    and see if it will launch the GTV netflix app.. and point to that film.. because now i can only get it to show the netflix home screen.. kinda makes that really nice Wihome site useless again....

    let me know what your results are.. i hope perhaps i just have something configured wrong..

    dang netflix..
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    And here I thought they actually improved the App. They changed the site itself. Even the Instant Queue no longer shows up on the page. I had to click on it. And what sense does it make to find a movie or show and not at least be directed to it???

    Thanks for the heads up. And yes, your fears are confirmed. But maybe we no longer need to search via the site anymore. They enhanced our search and I've been able to find content a lot easier than before using the People function. But then they added easier categories to their website.

    One step forward, two steps back for the App...


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