Netflix Tests Private Viewing Mode To Hide Your B-Movie Binges

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    Netflix tests private viewing mode to hide your B-movie binges ? Tech News and Analysis (click for full article)

    by Janko Roettgers - July 18, 2014

    -- Summary: Select Netflix members are getting a chance to hide viewing of embarrassing titles from logs, recommendations and Facebook friends.

    -- We’ve all been down that road: You decide to watch some roadhouse B-movie fare on Netflix, hoping that it will be fun on some level, but it ends up just being a very bad choice — one that you and everyone sharing your account are reminded of the next day, and that your friends may even see as well, if you have chosen to share your viewing with Facebook.

    Netflix may be able to help you with those B-movie binges soon: The company is starting to test a private viewing mode. Cliff Edwards, the company’s new director of corporate communications and technology, described the tested feature this way in an email:

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    I don't understand why Netflix doesn't just give us the option to delete history & preferences like all the other streaming video sites have allowed for since forever? Why do they persist in controlling our viewing history. If you inadvertently watch a movie w/a gay theme, you are inundated w/gay & lesbian suggestions until you watch enough content to kill the preference list. That is up to 75 movies or shows.

    Dumb! I use the profile feature instead of my orig user. When I want to kill suggestions or history I simply delete the profile and add it again.

    But there should be an easier way...


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