Netflix Streaming More Popular On Big Screen

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    Netflix Streaming More Popular On Big Screen Than Tablets

    Netflix is good on iPad,
    but better on the big screen

    When it comes to watching Netflix streaming movies on demand, the big screen TV wins hands down as the medium of viewing choice. Netflix have reported on the most popular ways viewers watch streaming. Interestingly out of the Apple products carrying Netflix services, the relatively low selling Apple TV set-top box is out performing the multi million selling iPad tablet pc.

    The new revamped Apple TV device sold around a million units during 2010 against the mega successful iPad which sold over 15 times as much just in the US. And even though Netflix launched an iPad app soon after launch, it is the Apple TV box that is attracting viewers. Netflix announced in a ernings letter to company investors that the $99 device gets more streaming than the iPad. Said Netflix:- “AppleTV has done very well for us and in just four months has passed the also-growing iPad in Netflix viewing hours.”

    Other devices proving popular with Netflix subscribers were the Sony PS3, Xbox and Wii. Along with Windows PC’s and Mac computers. On the mobile side was the iPhone and Netflix confirmed they will be supporting Android phones and tablets later this year.

    The Netflix jury is still out on Google TV though, but they say they have not given up on the Google platform as the concept is so good. Google just need to get the the distribution set up right. Netflix did however take the time to confirm their full support.

    Netflix are of course heavily supporting connected TV and Blu-ray players, saying that they would be “the big growth categories”. But then world tv readers already knew that.

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