Native uTorrent Bit Torrent Client Coming To Android

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    Native µTorrent BitTorrent client coming to Android (click for full article)

    "One of the most popular BitTorrent clients for desktop computers is coming to Android devices. The developers of the µTorrent app which allows users to download, upload, and share files using peer to peer technology are working on a native Android app.

    TorrentFreak reports that the new app won't be like the BitTorrent remote control apps we've already seen. Those simply let you use a phone or tablet to start or monitor downloads - but the files are actually downloaded to your PC.

    Instead, the µTorrent app for Android will allow you to share or download files directly from an Android phone, tablet, or other device - possibly including a Google TV set top box.

    BitTorrent is a well known internet protocol for uses looking to download pirated music, movies, games, and other content. But it's also a popular service for distributing free and open source software such as Linux distributions.

    By making it possible to use the file-sharing service on an Android device, I suspect we could see wider adoption for 100% legal uses such as distribution of custom Android ROMs or other Android software... as well as illegal uses such as distribution of movies and apps without the permission of the content creators."
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    do we have any update on this? Has it been already release?
    Or do we have any option currently available to download to the External Hard disk?

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