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Discussion in 'Google TV Feature Wish Lists' started by HeathNutso, Nov 4, 2011.

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    This applies to the Sony NSZ-GT1, but probably applies to all other models too..

    1) Make network connection type (DHCP or Fixed IP) user selectable. (DHCP can be default, just make it an option)
    2) Make DLNA optional and allow direct network access if the user wants to use it. (DLNA can be default, just make it an option)
    3) Catalog movies available on local network into a nice directory of movies and include them in search functions.
    4) Native support for ALL common video formats without the need to be transcoded by intermediate software.
    5) Allow teaching of IR codes for unsupported items (not being able to do this may be unique to Sony)
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    Nov 4, 2010
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    I know this is your wish list but I wanted point out your options just in case you weren't aware of it.

    If you want to use a specific IP address, you can always setup a DHCP MAC to IP address reservation.

    These could be addressed separately through third-party applications. Although, I would think it will be nice if Sony improve their Media Player by adding SMB support and cached the content listing of your recently networked titles.

    One of the issues with that are the licensing fees and conditions for certain formats. But I do agree with you and cannot comprehend why neither Sony or Google didn't include the libavformat or libavcodec libraries from FFMPEG. These libraries could have been used to expand at least to the level of the third-party media player applications for the Android tablet and phones and many of the other media streaming devices. I suspect it has to do the GPL requirements which would force them to share their proprietary code.

    Furthermore, Google's decision to not allowing NDK compatibility for Google TV also drastically reduces third-party developer's options.

    Yes, this is unique to Sony. Logitech's solution is the Harmony component which adds the ability to download up to three device profiles from the 250,000+ devices in the Logitech Harmony Database. It also adds the ability to learn IR codes and tailor your controller's keys to your preference for the available IR command palette.

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