My Revue impressions and issues

Discussion in 'Logitech Revue' started by Insomnia, Feb 27, 2011.

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    Feb 27, 2011
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    I'm 2 days into my Revue experience and my disappointment outweighs my satisfaction. What separated the Revue from other similar products for me, was the advertised ability to access video sources across the net via the web browser. The device falls critically short in this department since every major tv network, hulu, and just about every other free, legal source for programming has successfully blocked the Revue rendering it impotent in it's primary attraction. The interface is difficult if not impossible to customize from the menu to the bookmarks and the audio is a serious problem. I noticed the little beta message in the media player, which, btw there is no mention of in the specifications. All advertisement of the Revue lead one to believe it is a finished product in the categories of which it is supposedly capable. My media is primarily mkv files of which 90% play without audio. The Revue is quite obviously not a polished product and unworthy in it's current condition of the standard of quality I would expect from Logitech and Google.
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    Jan 9, 2011
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    hi and welcome just like any first gen device it has some good things and bad things but i due time it will get better with updates and the app market . so far i love my revue maybe in time you will to any how welcome
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    Feb 19, 2011
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    I wish I could be more positive.
    I'm with Insomnia.
    The Revue Help Site is horrendous.
    For example, DNLA Servers suggestions.
    So I download that.
    WMC needs Net 1.1.
    So I install Net 4.0
    WMC still will not install.
    WMC needs Net 1.1
    How old is this page.
    Another example from a Logitech Help Page.
    Using Windows Media Player to share.
    I cannot get that to work with the Revue either.
    I'm on XP?
    Have you tried Tversity?
    I got somewhere with that.
    I can play some video formats via Tversity.
    Namely divx.
    Using a usb drive standalone.
    I can just see MPEG4 avc.
    take care.

    After wiki, it seems that WMC was incor

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