mx1 android box not working!?

Discussion in 'Android TV' started by NicoleJS, Sep 13, 2016.

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    First of all hello everyone

    I have just purchased an MX1 android box with kodi already installed onto it.

    plugged it in and I am coming up against an error message asking to check something or nothing works or no steams can be located, even you tube and netflix are not working or showbox.

    nothing, narda, zip, !!!!!!

    I am on talk talk for my internet provider and I have been in touch with them and they can't help me as my internet is working fine, so is it a duff box or do I have to remove the uploaded kodi and reload it back on to the box myself??

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will give me the right advice and support to help me fix this problem, as I have a second box for my parents and that will need reconfiguration too.
    Kind regards

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