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Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by going_google, Mar 23, 2011.

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    What is the best way to connect 2 TVs (2 different rooms) with same google TV. I disconnected my cable/dish and want to just use internet content to watch TV.
    I have co-axial cable running to both rooms (from dish network connection)
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    Only way I see doing this is to get an HDMI splitter (a good one 1.3 certified with signal amplifier) and a long HDMI cable (expensive for a good one) for the second TV and then a second Google TV keyboard and hope that the keyboard RF signal reaches. You'll end up spending close to the same amount of money that a second Google TV device would cost for the second TV. So my recommendation is to just get a second Google TV device. This way you can watch different content on both TVs at the same time. Going the HDMI splitter route will not let you use both TVs at the same time to watch different content. Also if you use only one Google TV device then you won't be able to use the Power button to turn on/off your second TV nor change to the correct input (if you plan on watching OTA channels), which will force you to also use the TV remote for power on/off and input selection. I suppose you could run a long IR blaster from the Google TV device to the second TV also ...but now you are adding even more cost. Then you can only get the Logitech Revue as that is the only one that will let you program your own IR codes. But then the second TV would have to be a different brand because if not then you'll be powering on/off both TVs at the same time. You're idea is full of reasons why I wouldn't do it the way you were thinking. Just get a second Google TV device.

    You could get a $10 HDMI splitter and a $15 HDMI cable and forgo the extra keyboard....but I'm not recommending this. I don't do things the cheap generic off the boat from china crap no brand junk. But to each their own....that's why you have choices.
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