Move Files from Android to Mac OS X and Vice Versa with Android File Transfer

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    Have an Android phone or tablet that you want to transfer files and movies to and from your Mac with? Maybe you got a new Kindle Fire that is freshly rooted, and you’re looking to move some of your own movies and pictures to it?Google’s free Android File Transfer app is by far the simplest solution for Mac users to move files between Android devices and a Mac, it works very similarly to an FTP program, making it a virtual no brainer to use.​
    • Connect the Android device to the Mac via USB​
    • Browse around the Android device, drag and drop files to move or copy them, add folders, delete files, etc​
    Subsequent connections between the Android to the Mac will cause the app to automatically launch, you can adjust that in the settings though. The app does the job, the only real limit is a 4GB file size limitation for transfers, presumably due to Androids file system.


    If you opted out of the iOS route, Android File Transfer and WinAmp for OS X will make your Android & Mac life easier, since you can move files and documents around easily, and even sync your iTunes collection to the Android device with WinAmp.




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