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    Source Interlink Media’s New Google TV App Ushers in an Era of Connected Automotive Television Programming

    Date: Nov 08, 2011


    Source Interlink Media (SIM) today announced it is again expanding the reach of its digital publishing portfolio with the launch of a new Motor Trend application focused on providing automotive content for Google’s web-based television technology, Google TV 2.0. As one of the largest publishers of multimedia content for enthusiast audiences around the world, embracing this new emerging technology fits directly into SIM’s strategy of reaching its vast audience via multiple platforms across the media landscape.

    Motor Trend for Google TV transitions ordinary TV watching into a unique video-driven on-demand experience that engages the automotive enthusiast by allowing them to watch what they want, when they want it. Viewers cater programming to their own tastes, and can even share favorite items and new discoveries on Facebook and Twitter.

    The Motor Trend app focuses on rich, video-driven automotive news, new car reviews, and road tests, as well as automotive lifestyle stories that appeal to the passionate enthusiast, leveraging the global resources, deep knowledge and unmatched testing capabilities of the Motor Trend brand.

    In line with SIM’s strategy of ensuring content is optimized for each platform, stories placed for the Motor Trend app will be carefully planned and curated to deliver an engaging and entertaining experience. Within the app, viewers can expect a wide variety of compelling high-definition video, photo galleries and other freshly updated content.

    “We are very eager to continue to explore new avenues in which consumers can engage with our content while providing new opportunities for advertisers to extend their reach,” said Angus MacKenzie, Motor Trend Editor-in-Chief and SIM Vice President of Product and Audience Strategy. “SIM is evolving from a traditional magazine publishing company to one which creates content that connects with audiences across a variety of platforms. Google TV is important because it allows us another platform for Motor Trend to reach enthusiasts on their terms, not ours.”

    From the outset, SIM and its in-house emerging media agency, Mediaworks, collaborated directly with Google on developing the app; researching, designing software and discussing editorial plans that brought both companies’ ideas from concept to reality. The Google TV app is just one of a number of products and emerging media strategies created for Source Interlink Media and its clients by the Mediaworks division. Other projects include the development of content rich apps for Hot Rod, Truck Trend Magazine, JP, SAIL, and Surfer, as well as mobile utility apps such as a gear ratio calculator, wheel and tire guide, a car buying tool, trail mapping and event apps across multiple platforms for both its brands and advertising clients.

    About Motor Trend Magazine
    Motor Trend, part of Source Interlink Media, LLC, was founded in 1949 and has a circulation of 1.1 million and a total readership of 8 million. Internationally recognized as one of the leading brands in automotive publishing, MOTOR TREND comprises Motor Trend Magazine; the award-winning website motortrend.com; Motor Trend Radio; Truck Trend; Motor Trend Classic; Motor Trend International Auto Shows; Motor Trend en Espanol; and the renowned Motor Trend Car, Car and Truck of the Year Awards program.

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    I love this app use it all time
    it was one of the first usable apps in the GTV Market

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